What is Aniline Leather?

Aniline leather upholstery is a luxurious option for designer and high-end couches and chairs. The appeal of aniline leather is the soft and delicate texture. Learn more about aniline leather cleaning and restoration.

Aniline Leather Furniture

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Aniline Leather Sofa Cleaned

Aniline Leather is a type of leather finished with penetrating dyes. In the tanning process, the pigment thoroughly penetrates the leather hide while maintaining the natural characteristics of the leather surface such as healed scars, pores, bites, blemishes and other natural marks.

How Does Aniline Leather Wear ?

Spotting, Scratches, Fading !
Aniline Leather Cushion Faded Stained
Faded Stained Aniline Leather Cushion

Aniline Leather requires special cleaning and maintenance because of its porous and transparent nature. Aniline leather is finished without the protection of a top surface coat and in most cases without a protective sealant. As a result, the leather surface is absorbent and susceptible to water spotting, bodily oils, and darkening of the finish. Direct sunlight can result in color fading, discoloration, and a weathered patina. Sun damage can also cause leather dryness and loss of moisture.

Before and After

Real Leather Transformation!

We have cleaned and restored countless aniline leather sofas and chairs Here are a few examples of our leather cleaning, leather protecting, leather restoration work:

Designer Leather Sofa Set with Aniline Distressed and Fabric

Aniline Leather Loveseat Cleaned and Restored - Before Aniline Leather Loveseat Cleaned and Restored - After

Aniline Leather Loveseat Cleaned and Restored Fabric Aniline Leather Loveseat Cleaned and Restored Fabric

Types of Aniline Leather :

Aniline Leather

Aniline leather is a untreated leather accented with natural surface characteristics.

Distressed Leather

Distressed Leather is finished with a weathered and rustic effect. Its natural crackled texture adds character and a vintage appeal.

Wax Pull Up Aniline Leather

Aniline leathers with added protection include wax pull-up leather, which contain artisan oils and waxes.

Oil Wax Pull-up Aniline Leather

Oil Wax Pull Up Leather or oil tanned leather is finished with oils and waxes.

Nubuck Aniline Leather

Nubuck Aniline Leather is a untreated leather sanded or buffed on the grain side. The texture is accented with a slight nap and velvet touch.