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Leather Restoration treats and removes all surface wear such as color fading, discoloration, oil spotting, grease and ink stains, scuff marks, scratches, and cracking. Leather recoloring applies a new foundation restores a fresh new color with lasting results.
Leather Restoration for Couch

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Leather Cleaning

deep clean, remove ingrained dirt and soiling, wipe away body oil build up, spot and site clean stains

Leather Conditioning

condition leather adding natural oils back into leather, rub leather lotion into pores of leather, soften and preserve leather leaving smooth finish and supple touch

Leather Protection

apply protective finish or coat, protects against stains and spotting without altering its original appearance and promotes durability

Leather Restoration

renew color, dye, and refinish original manufacturer color with long-lasting water based leather dye sealed which will not peel, crack, or rub off. Hand applied and/or spray gun

Leather Finishes

preserves natural leather surface grain characteristics, original factory finish
Leather Restoration Finishes Matte Glossy Neutral

Can Leather Furniture be restored?

Leather is a durable material made from the skin of an animal and it can last for many years with proper leather care and maintenance. However, over time, leather can become cracked, faded, stained, and damaged. While some people might believe that worn leather is too difficult to repair, this is not the case. Professional leather restoration services can repair and restore leather to its original condition and even made to look better than new.

How to restore your leather furniture so it lasts longer:

→ Cleaner, Conditioner.

The most effective repair kit you, the customer, can use are leather products such as a leather cleaner and leather conditioner. ReLeather Leather Conditioner for leather furniture is ideal for routine leather care. This product will help to hydrate the leather, restore its natural oils, prevent cracked leather and keep your leather feeling soft and supple. This leather conditioner bottle is easy to use. Apply a small amount of leather lotion with a cloth to the leather surface in a circular motion and let dry. Another popular fix is to use a leather cleaner. ReLeather Leather Cleaner keeps your leather sofa in pristine condition just wipe your leather seats clean. This leather care product is excellent for removing stains, dirt, dust, grime, and even soiling in the grain of pebble leather seats.

Leather Conditioner for Restoring Leather Leather Cleaner for Restoring Leather

There are several DIY leather restoration projects that can be used to remove general wear on a leather couch, leather chair, leather car seats, or leather goods. There are also many leather repair kits in the market. However, the benefits of using leather restoration services outweigh the time and money of trying to do it yourself. Invest in results you will absolutely love. For example, a leather repair kit offers short fixes like a makeshift leather patch for tears on a leather seat or leather upholstery when it may just need to be replaced, reupholstered. The leather restoration process requires special skills and knowledge from identifying the type of leather to executing the right leather repair solution for the problem. So, for quality leather repair and leather care, leather restoration services is your best option.

How to identify whether your furniture needs leather restoration?:

→ Faded, Cracked, Scratched, Stained.

If you notice any of the the following issues on your leather items, it's a sign you need to search for a professional leather restoration and leather repair services. Be sure to fix your leather furniture before the sofas and chairs gets worse and the repairs get more expensive!

Discolored and Faded Leather Restoration

Anyone who has ever owned a leather sofa knows that one of the main problems with leather is that it is prone to discoloration. Over time, leather can fade from exposure to sunlight or wind up looking patchy and worn from daily use. However, not all leather surfaces and grades discolor equally, pigmented aniline and semi-aniline leathers are considered protected leathers which are more resistant against color fading and color transfer due to its pigmented and protective surface coating. Pure aniline leathers and those treated with waxes and oils generally do not have a protective top coat and tend to fade faster which requires extra care. Regardless of leather type, professional leather color restoration is your option to restore and match the original color of your leather and extend the life of your beloved leather sectional or leather chair.

Faded Leather Sofa

Dry and Cracked Leather Restoration

One of the main problems with all types of leather is that it will dry out and crack over time, especially if you don't apply leather conditioner. Moisturizing your leather couch on a regular basis helps to keep it supple and prevent surface cracking and premature aging. Excessively dry leather makes leather feel stiff, rough, and thin , which can make the leather susceptible to holes or tear damage. Leather conditioner helps preserve the natural oils and prevents leather from drying out. However, if there are deep cracks along the surface of your leather due to excessive dryness (which causes separation), you'll need a leather restoration expert to bring your leather back to life. Leather restoration is an art, and it takes a skilled leather professional to safely and effectively restore leather to its former glory. But if you have a cracked leather couch, sectional, or chair that you love, it's worth the investment to have your leather items restored.

Cracked Leather Cushion

Scratched Leather Restoration

Unfortunately, some leather is notoriously easy to scratch, and even the most careful owners can end up with a piece of furniture that looks worn and damaged. Light surface scuffs marks can accumulate on aniline leathers finished with a combination of oil and wax, but these marks can be removed once you rub them out. Deep surface scratches often remove the color and tear the grain texture of both unprotected aniline and protected aniline. While leather repair kits can be an alternative for minor marks on a cushion, they are not generally suitable for more serious damage. For extensive abrasions, you will need to search for leather restoration services. We specialize in repairing scratched leather furniture, and have the leather repair skills and experience necessary to restore your furniture to its original condition. In most cases, we will match the color of the leather so that the fix is virtually invisible. If you have a scratched leather seating that is in need of repairing, don't delay.

Scratched Leather Chair

Oil Stained Leather Restoration

Keeping your leather clean can be high maintenance because some leather easily absorbs spills and spotting from everyday use . The level of absorption varies between the different types of leather finishes, some are more resistant than others in keeping the stain on the surface of the leather. Unfinished aniline leathers, such as pure aniline and nubuck, rapidly absorb body oils and moisture into the pores of the leather , which will darken the surface area over time due to its lack of finish protection. Most protected leathers, such as pigmented and semi-aniline, can repel many water spills, because they have pigmented top coats and surface protectants. Body oil on pigmented leather builds up but stays on the surface. Prevent oils from your hands and head from collecting and penetrating your leather by having your upholstery routinely cleaned and waterproofed. Normally this problem is seen in leather seats, headrests, and armrests of a leather couch. Leather repair kits or a leather cleaner are not recommended for this degree of spot removal and natural oil extraction. This leather repair task requires leather restoration services which would prepare the area, extract as much oils as possible, and color match the leather to the original color. So let us help fix your stained upholstery furniture.

Stained Leather Sofa Chair

When it comes to leather restoration, three main types of leathers can be restored:

→ Unprotected, Protected, Nubuck.

Unprotected Aniline Leathers have minimal finishing to protect it from stains and fading. Pure Aniline or naked leathers are dyed through to produce a rich, natural color without added finishing treatments. Wax/Oil Pull Up are lightly treated with transparent waxes and oils to produce a wide range of effects such as distressed, marbled, antique. These types of leathers preserve the grain pattern and natural characteristics of the hide, making them the most expensive and ideal for high-end furniture and clothing.

Protected Aniline Leathers are finished with a durable top layer of pigment to the hide which helps against stains, color loss, pet scratches, heavy use. Pigmented Leathers have a thorough uniform color. Semi-Aniline Leathers have a transparent two-tone color. Corrected Leathers have an extensive superficial treatment to produce a uniform color and grain pattern. All types of protected leathers are easier to maintain, making them versatile choices for high-traffic areas such as leather furniture and car interior applications.

Nubuck Aniline Leathers are hides processed from the outermost layer of the hide. They are characterised by a soft velvety nap feel, which is created by brushing and buffing the hide in the opposite direction to the grain. Nubuck is often used to create fine furniture and high quality jackets, shoes, handbags and other goods. Note this upholsery can be difficult to maintain, as it is prone to staining and scratching due to its porous and absorbant nature. It is important to take extra care when cleaning nubuck leather items.

Untreated Finish has been left in its natural state. The following 3 finish treatments were applied to the surface using this leather. Each finish creates its own unique appearance.

Untreated Leather for Leather Restoration

Natural Finish was applied to the surface of this leather sample. This finish creates a subtle sheen look, appealing for those who want something neither too shiny nor dull, but just right!

Natural Finish Coating for Leather Restoration

Glossy Finish was applied to the surface of this leather, creating a shiny, waxy appearance. The finish is a sleek and smooth gloss. This type of shine will make your leather look like new again!

Glossy Finish Coating for Leather Restoration

Matte Finish was applied to the surface of this leather. This finish produces a natural-looking, uncoated leather surface. It's perfect for those who want their leather to be subtle.

Matte Finish Coating for Leather Restoration

Leather Restoration for Ethan Allen Leather Loveseat

Recolor Tan Leather Sofa - After
Frequently Asked Questions

If leather is properly cleaned and maintained cracking can be prevented for a long period of time. The top color finish can break down and show cracking with normal wear. However to prevent your leather from drying out use our ReLeather leather conditioner to moisturize your leather.

No. Applying color or pigment to the leather surface actually makes the leather more durable. Leather becomes more brittle with age. It cracks as it dries out if the leather is not properly cleaned or cared for.

Leather is one of the first known materials to be used to upholster furniture. Beside earning the reputation for quality, leather is also widely regarded for its durability. Leather upholstery holds a unique advantage over other materials such as fabrics and synthetic covers. Leather upholstery can be restored and recolored to make your furniture look like new again.

Yes. Direct and even indirect sun light will fade and damage leather as well as direct heat. Leather is a natural product and if not maintained will fade resulting in drying out from loss of moisture.

No. The leather dyeing process is thorough and will not rub off on clothes. We finish the leather with a protective coating that prevents color transfer.

We offer leather repairs for your sofa, chair, recliner, dining chairs, and other seating. We do not take on restoration repairs on vinyl or faux leather furniture.

We offer leather repairs and services for your auto interiors such as car seats, steering wheels, as well as yacht and airplane interiors. Leather Restoration repairs are performed onsite at your home or bring your auto to our leather restoration shop in Orange County, CA.

We offer leather repairs for a variety of leather garments and accessories such as handbags, jackets and coats, briefcases and luggage. We do not take on restoration repairs on suede, patent.