Leather Restoration

Revive your quality leather!

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Leather Cleaning

deep clean and polish & remove surface dirt

Leather Conditioning

soften and preserve leather leaving smooth finish

Leather Protection

apply protective finish or coating, preserves the leather from stains, without altering its original appearance, prevents water spotting and cracking

Leather Restoration

renew color / dye and finish long-lasting acrylic leather paint sealed will not peel, crack, or rub-off. No color spray used

Leather Finishes

preserves the leather's natural surface grain characteristics and preserves the leather true to the factory color and finish Types ⊕ Natural ⊕ Matte ⊕ Glossy

Leather Restoration Finishes Matte Glossy Neutral

Did you know ?

Leather is one of the first known materials to be used to upholster furniture. Beside earning the reputation for quality, leather is also widely regarded for its durability. Leather upholstery holds a unique advantage over other materials such as fabrics and synthetic covers. Leather upholstery can be restored and recolored to make your furniture look like new again.

Fix the leather problem!
  • My leather is faded discolored and needs restoring!
  • My leather sofa is drying out and cracking!
  • My leather feels very dry and stiff needs smoothing
  • My leather is stained from oils ink or water damage
Frequently Asked Questions

If leather is properly cleaned and maintained cracking can be prevented for a long period of time. The top color finish can break down and show cracking with normal wear. However to prevent your leather from drying out use our ReLeather leather conditioner to moisturize your leather.

No. Applying color or pigment to the leather surface actually makes the leather more durable. Leather becomes more brittle with age. It cracks as it dries out if the leather is not properly cleaned or cared for.

Yes. Direct and even indirect sun light will fade and damage leather as well as direct heat. Leather is a natural product and if not maintained will fade resulting in drying out from loss of moisture.

No. The leather dyeing process is thorough and will not rub off on clothes. We finish the leather with a protective coating that prevents color transfer.

How to Restore Leather Furniture

Got discolored leather? Lets get it looking better!
Professional Leather Restoration Step-By-Step:

  • Clean and soften leather
  • Remove stains and spotting
  • Treat surface wear
  • Perform leather dyeing and refinishing
  • Apply finish protection

Leather Restoration Finishes Matte Glossy Neutral

Leather Restoration

Leather Restoration treats and removes all surface wear such as color fading, discoloration, oil spotting, grease stains, scuff marks, scratches, and cracking. Leather recoloring applies a new foundation and top coating to the leather surface. Our restoration process achieves a fresh new color and finish and long lasting results.



Recolor Tan Leather Sofa - Before
Recolor Tan Leather Sofa - After

Leather Restoration for Ethan Allen Leather Couch

Leather Restoration Designer Couch from Cantoni - Before
Leather Restoration Designer Couch from Cantoni - After