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The Best Leather Cleaner

#RLCC002 - 8 oz.

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Leather Cleaner

Best Leather Cleaner for Furniture & Auto Upholstery

ReLeather Cleaner & Conditioner is a unique formula developed to clean, soften and preserve leather. It removes the toughest dirt, mildew and salt stains, yet is gentle enough for the finest leathers. Safely removes deep surface dirt. Recommended for use on all exotic skins and leathers.


Instructions: Shake before using. Apply generously. Using a sponge, cloth or soft brush, work up a foam with a gentle scrubbing motion. Wipe foam off with a clean cloth and let dry then buff with a cloth or soft brush.

Excellent for use on: Reptile & Exotic Leather; Fine Leather Furniture; Leather Auto Interiors; Aniline, Top Grain Leather; Shoes, Handbags, Jackets


6" Horsehair Leather Brush

  • Excellent for industrial use in leather cleaning applications
  • Use to gently brush cleaning formula onto smooth leathers
  • Made of 100% horsehair bristle and wood
  • Clear acrylic protectant coat on ergonomic wood handle


White Terry Towels

  • Soft, absorbent, durable
  • Excellent for tough residential and commercial leather cleanup operations
  • Use for leather cleaning, wiping, detailing, and drying
  • Dimensions 14" x 17"
  • Material 100 Percent
  • Machine washable


What Customers say about our Leather Cleaner

I bought this cleaner originally because a friend recommended it. I was trying to find a product without excessive polishes and waxes because they always leave my leather looking really shiny and tacky. Shiny was not the answer for my dirty and stained seats!! My BMW’s leather upholstery is a nice satin black.

So when it was due for a good deep cleaning I picked this up and it removed the dirt buildup and an eyesore on my passenger door panel. The door panel as shown in the pictures had smudges of makeup. As a plus it cleaned off some oily areas on my driver seat where I hop in and out of the car. After the DIY work was done my interior looked factory fresh. I went over it with their lotion to add some luster.

I was happy using something organic and good for my leather for once! I would definitely recommend.