5 Common Issues with Leather Furniture

Learn about the most common leather problems customers experience with leather couches, chairs, dining chairs, and more. We highlight the corresponding professional leather service that resolves each issue. Leather Restoration Services.

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5 Common Issues of Leather Furniture

As leather repair technicians we are the first line of defense in treating unexpected and expected leather issues.  We have seen and fixed the many sticky situations leather owners face during the life of their leather furniture. Keeping leather looking good and intact is not an easy thing. Leather buyers should be well aware of this disclaimer.

This informative list is intended for leather consumers, designer, manufacturers, and retailers. Research shows retail sales associates with common leather knowledge boosts retail sales of furniture. Advising the consumer about the potential problems associated with leather is a win-win situation for both the retailer and the customer. Below we outline 5 common leather issues and our recommended leather fixes:


Direct Light

Over time exposure to direct sunlight causes color fading and discoloration in leather upholstery. Sun damage can eventually dry out, harden, and crack formerly rich and supple leather.

We offer Leather Restoration to treat color fading, drying, and discoloration.

Pet Damage

Dogs and cats are the usual suspects when delicate leather cushions are chewed, scratched or clawed. We make routine house calls to customers with puppies that like to dismantle leather chairs and couches.

We offer Leather Upholstery to replace damaged leather with new matching leather.
Leather Accidents Rips Cuts Tears


Accidental stains, tears, or burns can present challenging problems. Some finished leathers are more susceptible to stains caused by soft drinks, milk, cosmetics, and ink. Finer grades of leather are also easier to rip and puncture.

We offer Leather Restoration to treat stained leather and Leather Upholstery to reupholster new matching leather.
Leather Accidents Rips Cuts Tears

Body Oils

Leather is a natural product that absorbs body oils and perspiration from skin and hair. Over time oil accumulation darkens and later cracks leather upholstery such as headrests and armrests.

We offer Leather Restoration to treat stained leather and Leather Upholstery to reupholster new matching leather.
Leather Care Poor Maintenance

Poor Care

Damage due to improper cleaning techniques or negligence is a major issue. We recommend using natural cleaning solutions and preparations to periodically clean and maintain leather upholstery.

We offer Leather Cleaning and Conditioning service. We also offer our eco-friendly ReLeather Cleaner and specialized wax-free ReLeather Conditioner.