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We offer Leather Cleaning, Conditioning, and Leather Restoration for briefcases, suitcases, garment bags, and other travel cases. Do you have a bag thats showing its age? Are you hard on your business briefcase and need surface scratches, scuffs, and discoloration fixed? Our professional leather deep cleaning and refurbishing can liven up your everyday bag.

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Leather Cleaning and Deodorizing

deep cleaning and deodorizing is necessary to preserve and freshen up your leather briefcase; remove ingrained surface soiling, dirt, and grime, restore natural fragrance of leather

Clean Dirty Leather Briefcase

Color Restoration and Refinishing

treat sun damaged and color faded leather surface, restore original color and finish; excessive sunlight exposure can prematurely color fade your leather bag and briefcase

Color Faded Leather Leather Tumi Briefcase Messenger Bag

Leather Softening and Moisturizing

moisturize leather and replenish natural oils, soften leather and restore soft and supple feel; regular reconditioning preserves your leather briefcase and prevent dryness and cracking

Leather Reconditioning Leather Briefcase

Leather Stain Removal

treat penetrating stains and water spotting, apply color coating

Leather Dyeing | Change Color

redye leather surface with a custom color, penetrating pigmentation process

Leather Protection

apply finish protection, prevents water spotting and cracking

Leather Color Restoring Vintage Antique Doctor's Bag - Before and After

Leather Color Restoring Vintage Doctor Bag

By ReLeather
Irvine, CA

Looking to restore a family heirloom? This leather fix is a great example of restoring and preserving a vintage doctor bag passed down from generations. Back in the day this bag made of genuine top grain cowhide was a rich dark brown color with a subtle sheen. Then age and wear naturally transformed the leather into a more weathered and distressed piece. Surface wear and cracking on corners and handles were treated. A combination of deep cleaning and softening made the bag feel flexible again. A dark brown transparent finish was applied to enhance its antique look. Despite its once rough condition this sentimental doctor bag now sits in a showcase looking fresh.

Leather Refinishing
Leather Color Restoration Briefcase

Leather Color Restoring Business Briefcase

By ReLeather
Orange County, USA

This classic business leather briefcase came to our shop looking in need for refurbishing. Our leather refinishing service treated the old finish and surface wear including the light dents and restored the original brown color and finish.

Leather Redyeing Briefcase
Refurbish Tumi Leather Messenger Bag - Before
Refurbish Tumi Leather Messenger Bag - After
Leather Refurbishing Tumi Bag - Before
Leather Refurbishing Tumi Bag - After
Leather Restoration Classic Briefcase - Before
Leather Restoration Classic Briefcase - After
Refurbishing Tan Leather Case - Before
Refurbishing Tan Leather Case - After
Leather Refurbishing Antique Leather Lawyer's Case - Before
Leather Refurbishing Antique Leather Lawyer's Case - After
Leather Recoloring Lawyer's Briefcase - Before
Leather Refurbishing Antique Leather Lawyer's Case - After