3 Reasons to Repair over Replace Leather [infographic]

Save money and learn the value of repairing over replacing quality leather furniture. We outline 3 powerful reasons to restore leather. Browse our services page to find the right repair options for your leather furniture. Leather Restoration Services

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Sources from FurnitureToday, HomeAdviser.com

3 Reasons to Repair over Replace Leather
  • The Value
    of Repairing
    Over Replacing


  • weekend

    With more leather upholstery consumers in the market*, there is a growing demand for professional leather care and restoration services.

    *An average growth of 3% since 2014



  • $$$$$$
    Repair as low as --------

    Compare leather cleaning and repair costs to new designer furniture prices.

    $6K local_atm
    Brand New -------------

    The rate of a new high-end living room sofa set can easily exceed a family's budget.

  • Why Restore Leather ?

    Leather furniture is an investment which makes regular maintenance very important. Leather gets better with age but sometimes needs a little professional attention to preserve the lasting quality of your leather investment.


    Well-made leather furniture make great repair candidates. If your furniture has been in the family for years you can bet the product is of high quality and worth the cost to extend its life.

  • looks_two ONE & ONLY DESIGN

    How much do you love the style of your sofa? Is your family attached to the look and feel and cannot find anything similar in the showrooms. Then repair is right for you.

subdirectory_arrow_right MATERIAL * FRAMEWORK * HARDWARE * PADDING

  • looks_3 Cost Effective Option

    • Repair
    • Replace
  • Compare leather cleaning and repair costs to new designer furniture prices.

    Total overall cost of restoring your leather furniture over its lifetime is considerably lower than going new.

    Sources from FurnitureToday, HomeAdviser.com