Car Seat Leather Restoration & Dyeing

Looking to restore your quality leather car seats?
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We offer full service leather cleaning, refinishing and redyeing for automotive interiors. We perform leather services that treat normal wear and tear such as color discoloration, scuffs, stains, color fading, dry leather surface, and more.

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Leather Cleaning & Deodorizing

deep clean leather surface, remove ingrained surface soiling, renew natural fragrance of leather

Leather Conditioning & Moisturizing

soften old and dry leather surface, replenish natural oils, restore natural luster and suppleness

Leather Stain and Spot Removal

treat minor scuffs and spotting, remove color transfer stains, retouch discolored seat areas

Leather Restoration and Redyeing

treat all surface wear, prepare leather surface for recoloring, restore original color and finish

Leather Protection

apply finish protection, prevents water spotting and cracking, protects against oil based stains

Leather Specialists

We specialize in the following brands: M X P O L


Leather Redyeing Car Seat Custom Color Porsche
Leather Redyeing Steering Wheel Custom Color Porsche
Leather Refinishing Tan Leather Interior Porsche Turbo
Leather Refinishing Tan Leather Headrest Porsche Turbo
Leather Refinishing Tan Leather Back Seat Paneling Porsche Turbo
Color Matching Leather Steering Wheel - BMW
Color Restoration Classic Mercedes Benz Interior
Leather Refinishing Lexus Dark Grey Car Seats
Auto Redyeing Lexus Grey Car Seats
Leather Refinishing Door Panel Scratches Damage
Leather Restoration Steering Wheel Lexus - Before
Leather Restoration Steering Wheel Lexus - After
Auto Leather Dyeing

Auto Leather Dyeing

Old car leather upholstery can be restored combining deep leather cleaning and refinishing service. Our specialized auto leather dyeing service is not only one of the best options to improve and preserve your leather seats but also saves you money by avoiding costly upgrades like recovering your auto upholstery. Full leather restoration of your interior can also add value to your car if you decide to resell your used car.

When working with luxury auto upholstery, we rely on our extensive training and experience to achieve the best before and after results for your leather seating. Below we outline the leather repair process.

L Ferrari Leather Restoration

Luxury Leather Restored! Before 😟 & After 😍... Is your leather faded, cracked, or stained? We specialize in restoring luxury auto interiors. Get your leather car seats restored!

We are specialize in Ferrari Leather Auto Upholstery

M Mercedes-Benz Leather Restoration

Mercedes-Benz Leather Interior Transformation! The black leather on these car seats had signs of wear and tear. Is your perforated leather was feeling dry and looking faded? We offer professional Full Leather Restoration service to restore and preserve your luxury leather. The best part is that we can match the color of your leather and apply protection against premature aging and damage from penetrating spills and stains.