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You love your leather furniture, but it's faded and discolored. It looks old and worn out..

Look no further than ReLeather. We are leather specialists who have been in the Leather Restoration and Leather Cleaning industry for over 20 years serving San Diego. Leather can be damaged in many ways and our team knows how to restore it back into shape! You spent too much on your leather furniture to have them wear away prematurely. We will help you restore those leather couches and chairs to renewed quality with ease and save you some money!

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We offer the following Leather Services:

Leather Restoration

Imagine having your favorite leather sofa restored back to its original color in just 1 to 2 weeks. With our professional Leather Restoration service , we can bring life back into your furniture. We have years of experience restoring quality made leather furniture such as sofas and chairs. We restore the original color of your faded and discolored leather with our time-tested treatment process, remove surface stains, scratches, and spotting, and add a protective coating that ensures durability for years to come!


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Leather Cleaning
& Conditioning, Retouching

We can't believe you folks toss out good leather when it just needs an update! Rediscover the beauty of aged leather. The best-kept secret is our top rated, Leather Cleaning, Conditioning, and Retouching service that removes deep dirt and stains without stripping away all that lovely natural patina. It saves you time not having to buy new furniture since we will have your old favorite pieces looking like they did when Obama was president!


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After Picture of Leather Cleaning Sofa in San Diego

Leather Dyeing

Do your leather couches & chairs just not match the color of your wonderfully decorated home? Relax! We offer Custom Leather Dyeing on just about any kind of leather furniture. Is it due to wear and tear, an unfortunate stain or spillage or is it simply out-of-date? Its time to change those old colors! After we've treated the base coatings on furniture pieces with a fresh coats of dye, you'll have renewed looking items that will fit into today’s decor like never before!


Before Picture of Leather Dyeing Chair Sofa in San Diego


After Picture of Leather Dyeing Chair Sofa in San Diego