Leather Dyeing

Reinvent and restore your quality leather!

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Common Leather Dyeing Questions
  • Change the color of my leather !
  • Can you refurbish and redye my old leather to a darker or lighter color?
  • How much does it cost to redye my leather

Leather Cleaning

deep clean and polish & remove surface dirt

Leather Conditioning

soften and preserve leather leaving smooth finish

Leather Protection

prevents water spotting and cracking

Leather Dyeing

change color / dye permanent base finish long-lasting acrylic leather paint sealed will not peel, crack, or rub-off. No color spray used

Color Options

color swatches are available to select the ideal color and finish for your leather

Redye American Leather Sofa Chair - Before
Redye American Leather Sofa Chair -After

Leather Dyeing transforms your leather to a new look making it ideal for customers or designers who wish to refresh home decor with contrasting colors and finishes. Redyeing service treats the old finish and restores a new permanent factory color with a protective coating. Leather finishes are natural and retain the grain characteristics of your leather. We recommend considering dyeing from a light tone to a darker tone for best results. We have color swatches available at our shop and we are available to provide work samples upon request.

palette Color Options

Below are popular designer colors suitable for leather dyeing. Custom colors and finishes are available upon inquiry. Color finishes vary depending on the type of leather such as aniline, semi-aniline, protected, or nubuck and type of finish such as texture characteristics, grain fineness, matte or glossy coating.