Refilling Cushions Foam Replacement

Give your leather cushions proper support!

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Foam Replacement

reinstall new custom cut foam cushions

Foam Grades

High density grade foam ⊕ soft ⊕ medium ⊕ firm ⊕ extra firm

Refilling Cushions

refill new quality padding to seating and back inserts

Padding Material

Types ⊕ Polyester loose fiber ⊕ dacron ⊕ down feather ⊕ batting filling

Leather Foam Cushion Insert
Refill Cushions with Dacron Padding
Common Cushion and Padding Issues
  • My Cushions are Broken Down!
  • My Seat Cushions are Sagging and Flat!
  • My Cushions are Too Soft!

Promotes greater level of comfort, softness, firmness and Adds durability while restoring upholstery style
Replace Seat Cushion Foam and Cushion Restuffing - Before
Replace Seat Cushion Foam and Cushion Restuffing - After

Restuffing Leather Couch Cushions and Foam Replacement

By ReLeather

Got an old saggy couch? Add life and comfort to your sagging and broken down cushions with foam replacements and re-stuffing. Couch seat and back cushions lose their firmness and comfy feel over time. If your seat cushions sink down and offer no support we recommend replacing the foam inserts. We can custom cut any size and shape. We stock many grades of foam from firm or high density to soft or low density. If the cushions just need extra filling we can add durable stuffing materials.

Get Foam Replaced for Couch Cushions