Refilling Cushions Foam Replacement

Give your leather cushions firm support!
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Foam Replacement

  • replace flat, loose, soft, broken down cushions and pillows
  • reinstall new custom cut foam cushions
  • restores seat firmness and support
  • promotes maximum degree of comfort and support over time

My leather couch cushions are broken down, too soft, sink, have no support!

Refilling Cushions

  • refill new quality padding to seating and back inserts
  • including seats, back pillows and armrests cushions
  • promotes greater level of comfort/softness while remodeling shape and style cushioning

My leather sofa cushions are flat, sag, no padding or enough stuffing!

Frame Support

  • inspect and reinforce the suspension of the furniture
  • including the high resistance/coils/jute webbing mounted on the frame
  • reinforce the support of the wooden structure
  • promotes frame stability and resistance under various stress and load conditions of everyday use

Foam Material

  • High Resiliency (HR) foam is the highest grade of polyurethane foam
  • weighing 2.5 lbs or more per cubic foot
  • various high density grades available
  • ⊕ soft ⊕ medium ⊕ firm ⊕ extra firm
Leather Cushion Foam Material Cushion Insert

Padding Material

  • Types of padding include ⊕ Polyester loose fiber ⊕ dacron
  • Polyester loose fiber filling
  • 1 - 2 oz. dacron filling
Refill Restuffing Cushions with Dacron Padding
Refilled Restuffing Leather Couch Cushion After
Leather Couch Cushions Stretched Sagging Loose No Stuffing

Sagging cushions

Over time, seat cushions may lose their shape and support, causing them to sag and become uncomfortable. Back cushions with improper support can sag, pull on seams, and eventually tear.

Leather Couch Cushions Flat No Padding Stuffing

Flat cushions

When seat cushions become too worn, they may lose their plumpness and become flat, which can also lead to discomfort.

Leather Couch Cushions Saggy Broken Down Too Soft Lumpy

Lumpy cushions

Old, worn, poorly constructed cushions, or those with uneven filling can develop lumps that can be both unsightly and uncomfortable.

How Does Foam Replacement & Restuffing It Work?

We specializes in providing a comprehensive seat cushion restoration service. We'll remove the old foam core of your seat cushion and replace it with a high-quality foam core that meets your comfort and support requirements. For reclining back cushions, we'll refill them with additional polyester/fiber padding to ensure optimal comfort.

Refilled Seat Cushion
with New Foam

Refilled Back Reclining Cushion
with New Polyester

Restored Refilled New Foam Leather Back Reclining Cushion Service

Why Replace Foam & Restuff Cushions?

If you're looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to improve the comfort and durability of your seating, High Resilience Foam (HR Foam) is a great solution. At ReLeather, we specialize in using HR Foam to replace old, worn-out seat foams, giving your furniture a new lease on life.

What is HR Foam?

High Resiliency Foam is a type of foam that is designed to be highly resilient and durable, making it an ideal material for use in furniture. Unlike traditional foam, which tends to lose its shape and support over time, HR Foam is designed to maintain its shape and support, even after years of use. This means that furniture that is made with HR Foam will stay comfortable and supportive for much longer than furniture that is made with traditional foam.

High Resiliency Seat Cushion Foam Example

Choose the right foam for your furniture

At ReLeather, we understand that selecting the right foam grade for your seating needs can be challenging. That's why our team of experts is available to help you select the best foam grade based on your preferences. We carry samples of the foam grades on hand. We take into consideration your comfort and support requirements, as well as other factors such as the intended use and expected lifespan of the furniture.

Foam Restuffing Leather Couch Cushion Happy Customer

What is the best foam grade for seat cushions?

High Resilience Foam comes in various firmness levels, ranging from very soft (HR 16) to medium (HR 31) to very firm (HR 61). At ReLeather, we generally recommend using HR 31 because this grade strikes a balance between softness and firmness, providing a comfortable seat while maintaining proper support without sinking.

HR Foam Cushion Grades Soft Medium Firm

What is Cushion Restuffing?

Re-stuffing cushions is important to maintain the shape and comfort of your furniture. There are different types of stuffing materials that can be used, such as polyester dacron, fiber, and down feather. Cushion refilling can be advantageous over replacing them entirely as it is cost-effective and can help extend the life of your furniture. The process of re-stuffing cushions involves removing the old stuffing material and replacing it with new stuffing material. This can help restore the cushion's shape, provide a extra soft feel and better support.

Leather Couch Seat Cushion Restuffed Refilled with Dacron Polyester Padding - Types of Wrapping

We perform different types of refilling solutions based on your cushioning: Full Wrap covers the entire foam insert with dacron padding, Top Wrap is placed on top or inserted into the top envelope of the foam insert, and Book Wrap wraps around the front of the foam insert.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Foam Restuffing Leather Couch Cushion Satisfied Customer
Carole & Jules Sher

It's a miracle. We had two 9 foot leather sofas that looked almost ready to send off to Goodwill...discolored, springs gone, needing padding and cracking leather arms. After ReLeather, they look like new. We sit firmly and comfortably and the color is restored to the original. We are more than over the moon. Also it was pleasant working with Roberto and his father. They are professional, honest and trustworthy. Would highly recommend them to our closest friends/family. Thanks ReLeather. Great job!

Restuffing Leather Couch Cushions and Foam Replacement

By ReLeather

Got an old saggy couch? Add life and comfort to your sagging and broken down cushions with foam replacements and re-stuffing. Couch seat and back cushions lose their firmness and comfy feel over time. If your seat cushions sink down and offer no support we recommend replacing the foam inserts. We can custom cut any size and shape. We stock many grades of foam from firm or high density to soft or low density. If the cushions just need extra filling we can add durable stuffing materials.

Get Foam Replaced for Couch Cushions
Before Featured  Work - Replaced Old Broken Down Leather Couch Cushion Foams with Firm HR Foam After Featured  Work - Replaced Old Broken Down Leather Couch Cushion Foams with Firm HR Foam
Before Featured Work - Refilled Restuffed Down Feather Cushions with Added Padding Stuffing Cushioning Restoration Hardware Leather Couch After Featured Work - Refilled Restuffed Down Feather Cushions with Added Padding Stuffing Cushioning Restoration Hardware Leather Couch
Frequently Asked Questions

We can offer Refilling or Foam Replacement for both loose and fixed upholstered cushions. However, we factor additional labor cost for fixed upholstery. Please note that fixed upholstery refers to seat cushions that are attached or sewn into the furniture frame.

Refilling adds a layer of padding (fiber and polyester) to the cushions. Foam Replacement replaces the old foam with new high density foam.

Foam Replacement service ensures durability, and focuses on restoring the firmness of your cushions to provide optimal comfort and support. We offer a range of foam grades, including high-resilience (HR) foam, and can provide samples to help you choose the best option for your needs.
Refilling or Restuffing adds comfort and restores the shape of your upholstery. This service rejuvenates the look and feel of your cushions by adding more filling to flat or sagging cushions, making them fuller and more comfortable.

High resilience (HR) foam is a type of polyurethane foam that can quickly return to its original shape, even after prolonged use, unlike memory foam, which has a slower response time. With its durable and supportive qualities, HR foam is an excellent choice for those looking to replace their old, worn-out seat cushions.

No. We do not provide a service to refill down feathers for your cushions. However, we can refill them with loose fiber as an alternative replacement in certain situations.

The frequency of refilling or foam replacement for leather seat cushions largely depends on the amount of use they receive. Generally, leather seat cushions can last for several years before requiring any servicing. However, if you notice that your cushions are sagging, flattening, or losing their shape, it may be time to consider refilling or foam replacement. It's also important to note that exposure to sunlight, heat, and humidity can accelerate wear and tear, so it's essential to take good care of your leather furniture to ensure its longevity.

Yes. We provide a solution to your overstuffed cushions by removing any excess padding or stuffing. Cushions that are too full can be uncomfortable and even affect the shape of your cushions. We evaluate the cushions to determine the right amount of stuffing required to ensure the perfect balance of comfort and support, while restoring the original shape and look of your cushions.

Yes. We offer Foam Replacement and Restuffing for fabric and vinyl upholstered couch and chair cushions. Leave it to us to get them back to shape!

We reinforce the suspension system at the base of your furniture by dissembling the upholstery and tightening hand-tied and sinuous springs, and reinforcing/replacing webbing.