Leather Conditioner

The Best Leather Conditioner for Leather Sofa Couch

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Specialized wax-free leather lotion formulated by industry professionals.
Prolong the life of your leather investment like a pro.
Keeps leather soft and supple. Treats dry, dull, and aging leather.
Renews the natural sheen that repels water spotting and cracking. Safely removes dirt, soil without sticky or greasy residue, and will not darken finish.
Leather Cleaning recommended for Aniline Leather Leather Restoration recommended for Pure Semi-Aniline Leather Leather Restoration recommended for Pigmented Leather

Learn how to make your next leather cleaning duties a success. Watch this quick video guide to make to most of your leather conditioner

ReLeather Care is a specialized wax-free leather lotion formulated to clean, condition, protect finished, exotic, and naked leathers. Keeps leather soft and supple. Renews leathers natural sheen that repels water spotting and cracking. Safely removes dirt, soil without sticky residue, and will not darken finish. Recommended for finished aniline (included distressed, wax pull-up, oil pull-up) and semi-aniline leather, pigmented or protected leathers. Not intended for use on nubuck or suede leather.

Directions: Apply liberally with soft cloth, let dry and buff lightly.
Caution: Do not take internally. Keep out of reach of children.

Our leather conditioner restores top grain leather
Preserving your leather investment starts with a proven Leather Conditioner!

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When house cleaning is on the agenda, your comfy leather couch is something you don't want to miss. Regular cleaning and conditioning at least once a month or every three months helps extend the life of your furniture. Choosing the right leather care products makes the difference.

Leather Conditioning a Leather Sofa Couch Chair

Knowing the type of leather you have in your living room is important. Chemical polishes and oily cleaners can damage delicate leathers. Our leather conditioner is designed for home owners who want to keep up with the care and maintenance of their quality leather. This professional formulated solution preserves luxury leather including furniture, sofas, chairs, car seat upholstery, handbags, and more. Professional Leather Cleaning Services is also available.

Leather Conditioner for Car Seats

Add this unique conditioning formula to your cleaning supplies. You will notice the difference next time you wipe down your leather sofa. You can even safely apply this lotion to your car seats to keep the leather feeling soft and flexible. This solution is ideal for any weathered leather in need of a good moisturizing.